About us

Being an expert in your field is a given when you are providing engineering services to the community. It is for this reason that we participate on Standards committees, keep up to date on the current codes, and have access to state of the art software. However, at Ridgeline Engineering Company we pride ourselves in providing an experience that is second to none. We enjoy working with our clients to fully understand their problem and advising them on which solution will best fit their needs. If you give us the opportunity to earn your friendship and trust we are certain that we will be able to show you what sets us apart from the competition.


Joel Deis,PE

President/ Principal engineer

Joel is a Registered Professional Engineer in seven states across the western US. He is a certified tower climber and also participates on several standards committees including TIA and ANSI B77. His well rounded experience in project management, standards development, field inspection, performing design calculations and creating drawings will make him a great part of your team.

Professional Affiliation: Structural Engineers Association of Colorado (SEAC), TIA TR-14, ANSI B77.


Cassandra Miertschin, EI


A registered Engineering Intern (EI) in Colorado, Cassandra’s structural engineering experience includes computer modeling, structural analysis, civil engineering design, concrete and steel design, and construction oversight. She is a certified tower climber, possessing the ability to create a safe working environment on tower sites. Cassandra has assisted on communication tower replacements for the State of Colorado, and helped perform structural analysis for the construction of a new gondola system.

Professional Affiliation: Structural Engineers Association of Colorado (SEAC)