Structural Engineering Design and Analysis Services for the Communication Tower Industry

Whether you’re starting a new project or looking for a team to help you manage an existing operation, Ridgeline Engineering Company is ready to help. For your convenience, we offer the following services to our clients:

Structural Engineering

We offer structural engineering and design for the construction of new towers, as well as modification services for existing towers. If you need to add equipment to a tower, our team will ensure it has adequate capacity to carry additional loads. If your tower needs an upgrade, we’ll design a cost-effective upgrade that will equip the structure to provide the strength you need.

Tower & Site Mapping

From climbing towers and inspecting steel members and connections by hand to using high-tech drones and aerial photography equipment to generate 3D tower models and site topography, Ridgeline has the experience and capability to provide top-quality site maps and tower models.

Has your tower or tower site been mapped lately? Do you know the current loads and structural capacity of your tower structures? Ridgeline is ready to create a 3D tower model for you, identify all tower-mounted equipment, including its size and location on the structure. We can use this information to perform a structural analysis and determine your tower’s current loading capacity and its potential to host additional equipment.

Site Design

Planning a new site? Need engineering drawings of current comm sites? Give us a call! Using drones, Ridgeline can quickly generate geospatially accurate background images and topographic contour lines. We are experienced working with geotechnical engineers to assess site soil conditions. Our capabilities extend beyond towers. We can spec shelter buildings, design foundations, and layout sites. We will design the grounding system to keep all that equipment safe from lightning or overcurrent events. Existing overhead and buried utilities will need to be located and shown on drawings. New utilities and backup power systems will be laid out to work in concert with other infrastructure.