Tower Engineering


Modifications & Upgrades

Our experienced engineers are able to analyze your existing structure to see if it can stand up to mother nature.  In cases were it can't, we can design upgrades to give you a tower you can count on.


System Analysis & Inventory

Do you know what kind equipment you have on all of your towers? What about the condition of your structures? Have you been inspecting it as required by code? Ridgeline Engineering Company can inspect and collect information from all of your tower sites.


Rigging Plans

Do you know how a tower is going to behave if you need to remove structural components during construction or modification? Disassembling or removing components from a loaded tower is extremely dangerous and in some cases can lead to collapse. It is very important to engage an experienced engineer to analyze the tower before putting your crew at risk. Ridgeline Engineering Company has the experience and expertise to make sure that the tower is a safe place to be during construction.

Site Engineering

Civil Design

Sometimes it's just not clear where all of the necessary site infrastructure will fit, especially when you are working in tight quarters or on the side of a hill. Utilizing 3D design tools we can work with you to arrange everything in a way that fits your needs.

2016-10-17 13.00.44.jpg

Tower Design

What type of tower will best suit your needs? Is it a guyed tower or a self-support? Have you considered a monopole? We will work with you to find the right solution making sure that the tower we build today will still provide the capacity and reliability that you need far into the future.


Grounding Design

Grounding system requirements and technology have changed over the years offering site owners many different options to protect their equipment. Using sound engineering principles we can help you design a cost effective system that will last you long into the future.